Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are back, baby! Old news by now, but great news nonetheless. Shop our selection of albums for the incomparable sound that we've all grown to love.

Sales of vinyl records have soared over the past few years, bringing on a surge of sound that is drowning out the shiny buzz of digital. You can "blame" the Millennials and the hipsters all you want, but we don't care. We're happy Americans are embracing high-quality sound again. Whether it's a DJ or your grandfather, you've probably heard by now that records are simply richer, cleaner, and clearer than anything you can get digitally - or else you wouldn't be here leafing through our case.

You're not being a snob. There's something incredible, like an ancient ritual, about pulling a record from its sleeve and settling it on your turntable. Dropping the needle is much more satisfying than tapping shuffle. When sound files get compressed, they lose their depth and nuance of sound. Get intimate with your music again and go vinyl!

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