Trucker Hats

Breaker, breaker, break off a piece of nu-classic fashion with an officially licensed trucker hat from some of your favorite musicians and bands.

Like rock-and-roll is steeped in history, so it's the humble trucker hat. The classic five-panel, mesh-backed cap has a snap back to fit every head size. The style dates from the 1980s when feed and farming supply companies started branding them and handing them out to the truckers who hauled their goods around the country. Free advertising!

And then, in the 2000s, the music industry got ahold of the farm-life fashion and pop culture hasn't looked back. Firmly rooted in turn-of-the-millennium trends, the trucker hat was widely popular amongst hip hop and rock-and-roll fans alike. Today, you can add outlaw country, metal, blues, and even punk to the pile.

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