Rolling Papers

Not all rolling papers are created equal. You work hard to care for you and yours, so when the time comes to relax, turn on your favorite jams and let the stresses of the day or week float up in smoke, the last thing you need is a harsh, acidic flavor in your favorite variety, or a crinkly square of paper that won't roll or stick properly.

We know that feel, so we won't let you down. Our rolling papers feature the logos and artwork of your favorite musicians, giving you an incredible sense of synchronicity (that last sentence will make a lot more sense when you're baked). And we make sure to offer papers made from quality material without unnecessary chemicals. In some cases, you'll find rolling papers made of pure hemp.

When it's 420 time, our rolling papers won't snuff your moment. Merge your favorite music with your favorite smoking and enjoy one of nature's most wonderful experiences.