A good coffee mug is pretty close to being one of life%u2019s necessities. If you%u2019re like us at, the day is not allowed to start until the coffee gets coursing through our veins. While many coffee drinkers are pretty picky about the kind of coffee they drink, they don%u2019t put a lot of thought into its vessel. Maybe they rely on a flimsy Styrofoam cup, or burn their fingers on the sides of a thin paper cup from a place where a morning joe is more expensive than a burger. Or maybe they use some sort of fancy, vacuum sealed, temperature resistant space-age polymer whatever, which is way too bulky yet doesn%u2019t hold nearly enough liquid. That%u2019s not us. Give us a traditional ceramic mug. Better yet, make sure it has the designs of our favorite bands and musicians on the sides, because our favorite music helps the mornings go so much better. Check out our full line of mugs inside.