At, we%u2019re all for ingenuity, but if something isn%u2019t broken, we don%u2019t try to fix it. We could try to invent a timeless-looking, durable lighter that always lights no matter how much wind is blowing, but why bother when Zippo lighters exist? Since 1933, the Zippo Manufacturing Company has been making the world%u2019s most reliable, iconic lighters. Finding a Zippo lighter is easy, but finding one with your favorite band on it? That%u2019s a little bit trickier. You can settle for a blank-faced Zippo from a department store or a weird souvenir Zippo with an awkward design from your nearby truck stop. Or you can see your friends at, where we have Zippo lighters that are custom designed and engraved to match your favorite bands, such as Kings of Leon. There%u2019s nothing like the feel of a Zippo in your hand and in your pocket, and when it%u2019s been quality engraved with your favorite artists, it becomes uniquely you. Find your signature Zippo here.