We love koozies for how they keep our drinks cold on a hot day. But wow, are there some ugly-looking koozies out there. Let%u2019s face it: No one actually buys them, because there are so many out there available for free. Only problem is they look awful. The designs and logos are terrible and annoying, because they are all about the advertising for stuff you don%u2019t care about. Mr. Suit%u2019s Home-Buying Haven. Uncle Bob%u2019s Blister Paste and Deer Dressing. And we%u2019re supposed to carry these in front of our friends? Hard pass. That%u2019s why we offer koozies with things you care about: Your favorite bands. All those great logos and works of art have been printed on collapsible foam koozies that keep your cold ones cold, no matter how hot it is. It doesn%u2019t matter if your beverage is bottled or canned %u2014 you%u2019ll be able to show your pride and taste in music with each sip.