Anything worth it is worth working for. But using the right tool for the job makes the work so much easier. But you already know that, which is why you%u2019re shopping for a grinder. At, we%u2019re pleased to offer a line of grinders that combines function and durability with the graphics of your favorite musicians. There are a lot of other grinders out there, and they just aren%u2019t built to last. The internals wear down too quickly, and in some cases, leave debris behind in the product you grind. If you were looking for something only for a band logo, that experience is in your future. But you know that quality is important. That%u2019s why our grinders are made from engraved wood for a unique, timeless look that you%u2019ll be proud of for years. When it comes to 420 time, we won%u2019t waste your time with cheaply made gear.