Compact Discs

In the age of digital media and disappearing disc trays, it's hard to remember a time that CDs were once the music files of the future. Well, remember we do. Shop our selection of CDs from some of your favorite artists' official stores.

While digital is easy, there's a price that must be paid. Streaming services require monthly membership fees, licensing may expire and your favorite songs disappear, files can get corrupted, Wi-Fi can be unavailable %u2013 the list goes on and on. For us, there's nothing quite like being able to truly own and hold the music you love. You break the seal on the outside and creak the hinges open. You can run your hand over the liner notes, read the lyrics, admire the cover art. Holding it gingerly from the edge and the center hole, its underside shimmering with rainbows, you pop it into your CD player and press play. It's yours! Use more senses than just your hearing for a fuller listening experience.

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