Oh, what is a beanie by any other name? Tuque, skull cap, toboggan, winter hat, cap - however you say wherever you are, the knit hat is a staple of winter warmth and skater kids alike.

Beanies are found pretty much all over the world, even where it never snows. The origin of this particular style of hat goes back even farther than the classic artists we host on our site. British troops wore balaclavas in the Crimean War, Vikings pioneered the pompom design, and in the 1800s, a red beanie was the symbol of French-Canadian nationalism during the "Patriotes Rebellion." Who knew such a hip, fashionable cap had such a history?

So the next time you're out running in the cold, heading to a football game, or shoveling snow in the driveway, take with you one of our caps with logos from some of the hottest bands. Some caps are cuffed, some are not, and some even have the classic pompom at the top. There's no reason to stay cold.

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